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Kids Furniture

Here at Loftis Furniture, we have the baby and kids furniture you’re looking for! From beds to cribs to chests of drawers and more, we’re confident you’ll find what you’re looking for. We know that furnishing a kid’s bedroom can be a challenge, but we can help you find affordable furniture that is practical, long-lasting, and fits your child’s personality. Whether you’re dealing with a nursery, a larger room for multiple kids, or a smaller space, we have the furniture that fits your needs. Try a storage bed or bureau for storage. Mix things up with a whimsical bed frame. Give your child a kid-sized table and chairs for art. The options are endless! Visit our furniture showroom in Grove or McAlester — you won’t find a better selection of kids furniture.

Choosing Your Kids Furniture

Organizing a kid’s bedroom means that you need to balance playfulness with practicality. You’ll want pieces of furniture that are safe and will help your child stay organized. You can also give yourself a bit more storage by placing shelves out of your child’s reach, which they can then utilize for their own possessions when they grow up. You’ll need to find sturdy furniture with round corners that is easy-to-clean and child-friendly. Choosing furniture made from painted wood is always a great option. But you’ll also find rounded metal bed frames and plastics that work great as well. After you have all of these practical features, give yourself free reign to go wild with your imagination! Let your child have some input, and let them adorn their room with whatever fits their style. Experiment with bright colors and patterns, or add wall decals and novelty lighting. And you don’t need to relegate them to the kids bedroom. Putting a child-sized table in your living room or dining room is a great way to give kids a designated place to play. Browse your options online or visit Loftis Furniture in Grove or McAlester.


Kid’s Furniture


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