Living Room Furniture

Make your space welcoming and fresh with a new sofa, coffee table, or arm chair!

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Living Room Furniture

Your living room is where you relax with loved ones and welcome guests. It’s a space where you can show off your own personal style while ensuring that everyone is comfortable. If your living room furniture has seen better days, visit Loftis Furniture in Grove or McAlester and we’ll help you find pieces that you’ll love for years to come! We also offer flexible payment plans because we believe everyone should be able to own high-quality new furniture without breaking the bank.

Choosing Your Living Room Furniture

We understand that choosing living room furniture is an investment. Afterall, whatever you choose will last for years to come!  Choosing the right pieces for your space and your style can be overwhelming, and our furniture experts are happy to help you decide. We highly suggest that you take measurements of your space or of your existing furniture before you start shopping for pieces. A sofa looks much different online or in our furniture shop than it does in your own living room. You should also check the size of your doorways to make sure that when your furniture is delivered it can actually make it into your room!

You should also take some time to consider your personal style and the color theme you’re thinking of for the room. Do you like more traditional pieces or is sleek, contemporary furniture more your style? Consider the amount of traffic and use your living room furniture will get. Do you have a dog that likes to lounge on the couch with you? Or small children that could bump their heads on a coffee table? You might also need more storage, in which case we’re happy to show you ottomans with internal storage, bookcases and entertainment centers. And if all of this feels overwhelming, stop by Loftis Furniture in McAlester and Grove and we can talk you through the process!

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Living Room Furniture


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Your living room is a gathering place for family and friends, and the furniture within it should be comfortable, durable, and beautiful. Here at Loftis Furniture in Grove and McAlester, we have the sofas, loveseats, end tables, and the living room furniture sets you’re looking for!